About us


OUDHCOM is a limited liability company with registred head office in Dubai, soecialized in the production and sales of orient perfumes matching the arabic nature and made with the best oud from the far east such as cambodia, malysia, indnosia, thailand, burma, laos and india,

OUDHCOM is considered one of the leading gulf companies in the treade of oud, dehan al oudhm perfumesm fragrances, luxury oils, oriental mixes and gift setes for marrigae ceremonies,

OUDHCOM provides all accessories for perfume packing like metal, glass and crystal bottles as well as the revant boxes of decoratic paper, cartons, wood and plastics,

OUDHCOM also produces special Orient mixes and high-end gifts upon request,

OUDHCOM always acquires high quality ingredients to achieve and maintain the high quality level of our products which enhance our company's requtation and reach our highest customr satisfaction.